Our Mission

Pathways to Production (P2P) seeks to redefine television and film production by teaching black students to take control of how black stories are told in the media. We teach the students to own their stories and use video production to express their ideas, expose important issues and educate others.

As an annual production education program, we travel to disadvantaged communities to provide classroom training and hands-on experience—empowering students to create and execute original video projects. The result is that each group of young adults (ages 18-25) gains the skills to pursue TV/Film industry careers, change their economic status and add diverse perspectives to the media landscape.

Our vision

We offer video production training to young black adults in disadvantaged communities. Our production training provides a pathway to employment in the television and film industry. The production course is a two-week immersive program that combines classroom education and hands-on training. Students also have the opportunity to produce a short film that will premiere at our annual P2P film festival.

We partner with local production professionals because we feel it’s important to have our students work with volunteers that look like them, who are from the local area and can serve as mentors and future business contacts.