Class of 2020

The second year, 20 students graduated from the program. The students came from the townships of Kliptown, Jabavu and Jabulani. We worked with the SHALK community center again, and we also partnered with the US Embassy in South Africa. The embassy allowed us to use its Rosa Parks Library and Innovation Studio to hold our daily classes. We also teamed up with Panavision for a field trip to their equipment rental facility in Johannesburg, where the students got to meet industry professionals, take a tour of their studios and get hands-on experience with camera and lighting equipment. 

For the final video projects, we worked with Soweto Media, which donated editing equipment and editing assistance to help the students finish their short films. The students completed a scripted film entitled, Fix It Girl, about a young girl who struggles with being book smart versus street smart after her father passes away; and a short documentary, Soweto Must Pay, detailing the energy crisis in Soweto and the impact “load shedding” has on small businesses and the community. The students received certificates of completion and showcased their film projects during the second annual reception held at The Soweto Hotel & Conference Center.