We use the power of multimedia storytelling to empower young black adults in disadvantaged African communities.


Pathways To Production was created in 2018 when our Founder, Orla Manning, visited South Africa and Zambia for the first time. She realized that the same issues of diversity and inclusion impacting U.S. media are prevalent in South Africa and other African countries. As a Made in New York alum and volunteer at the Rock n’ Roll Camp for Girls in Los Angeles, Orla had an idea to create a program based on her own volunteering experience where she could combine her love of storytelling and help others.

She wanted to create a program where students could learn the technical aspects of filmmaking and also give them the inspiration and confidence to create their own projects. Orla was fortunate to have opportunities and support in her career and wants to do the same for black communities in South Africa and beyond. She realizes how hard it can be to break into the industry and wants to make it obtainable for the new generation.

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